About Trafficking Resource Connection

Trafficking Resource Connection’s mission is to connect people with the people and the resources they need to end human trafficking.

Trafficking Resource Connection seeks to play a role in addressing a persistent gap in information and resource sharing in the anti-trafficking movement. Despite the plethora of human-trafficking-awareness activities over the past decade and the proliferation of anti-trafficking websites, many people who are addressing human trafficking on-the-ground still find themselves at a loss in knowing how best to respond.

Much of the know-how is learned the “hard way,” with insufficient opportunity to learn from the wisdom and mistakes of others. Communication is often hit-and-miss and practitioners are so busy meeting the pressing needs of victims that essential information does not always reach the people who need it most. Many practitioners know they need help, but they don’t even know where to begin.

Thousands of people have heard the call and risen to the challenge of addressing human trafficking and other forms of exploitation with passion and the best of intentions. But good intentions are not good enough. We need to have the best resources to do the best job possible to end exploitation. Great resources and information are already out there and many of us have found a set of tools that is most relevant to our particular focus. But human trafficking is a complex problem, calling for comprehensive responses. We need tools from a variety of disciplines and experts. The resources are out there to end exploitation, but sadly we are not connected well enough to access them.

Why is it that the traffickers can be more organized and connected than those fighting against it?

Trafficking Resource Connection seeks to help make those connections, linking those on the ground with the resources they need to end exploitation.

TRC’s founder, Christa Foster Crawford, Esq., is a Harvard-trained lawyer with more than 15 years of expertise addressing human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, and children at risk. Her breadth of experience has put her in contact with invaluable resources and key anti-trafficking and related networks, including the United Nations Interagency Project against Trafficking (UNIAP), International Christian Alliance against Prostitution (ICAP)Initiative Against Sex Trafficking (IAST), Faith Alliance Against Sex Trafficking (FAAST), ECPAT, Chab Dai Network, Love 146, the Northern Thailand Anti-Human Trafficking and Exploitation Working Group, San Jai Network, Fuller Seminary’s Children at Risk ProgramViva Network, Asha Forum, Holistic Child Development Global Alliance and many others.

That’s a lot of resources, many of them not known to people new to the field, but all of them essential to their success, Trafficking Resource Connection seeks to leverage existing connections and link others to the quality information and resources that those networks have to share.

For a partial list of resources by topic see our Resources page. We also recommend that you check out Freedom Collaborative, which is a comprehensive platform for connecting the global freedom movement, including a registry of organizations, an extensive library of resources, and a global learning community (www.freedomcollaborative.org)

Where we work

TRC’s geographic focus is Thailand and the Greater Mekong Subregion, but it also seeks to connect readers to the best global resources and opportunities as well.

Trafficking Resource Connection offers the following services

  • Resource sharing and resource development
  • Consulting and referral / expert advice
  • Teaching, training and briefings on issues relating to human trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, and children at risk

Contact us to request services for your organization.


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