Holding Esther – Caregiver Training for Oral Learners

This is another amazing resource! Holding Esther provides world-class training for caregivers of survivors of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking. http://rivercrossorg.org/holding-esther/

Holding Esther Graphic

Like the PricelessCube, Holding Esther instills important information in a way that is accessible to oral learners.

Unlike most training resources — even ones that are developed for the community level — this one is not written, but it was specifically developed for oral learners and is delivered entirely in story-form through a series of professional “radio” stories.

I was asked to help develop this resource because of my expertise in the field. I tried to distill all of the information I had ever learned about excellence in aftercare — from Hands that Heal‘s and CCTI‘s curricula and other leading books/trainings, from the content of my 10-week graduate-level course, and from a decade of practical experience — into a condensed explanation of topics that all caregivers needed to know. It was a monumental task!

That detailed core content outline was then transformed into a script by a professional scriptwriter from Focus on the Family. While I trusted her expertise as a scriptwriter I was skeptical of how she could possibly communicate all of the essential information that I had given her in a 50+ page document in eight short segments (roughly 10 minutes each).

I was blown away when I heard the recorded episodes! Not only were they professionally acted with high production value (as expected) but I could not believe how many of the topics in my comprehensive core content outline were communicated indirectly yet clearly — and most importantly, effectively — to caregivers from oral backgrounds.

The project is still in development and testing stages, but check out the website for a preview. I am excited to see how God will use these creative, high-quality resources developed by Holding Esther/Rivercross, Priceless Cube and others to bring freedom!




P.S. I wouldn’t say that I’m a “renowned” expert – I just saw that on their website 🙂


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