Stopping the Traffick: Hot off the Press!


How do we even begin addressing such an important – and yet overwhelming – task?

If you are a practitioner striving to assist victims or a faith-based organization wondering how to get involved you may be wrestling with questions like: 

How should we go about working with exploited people? 

Where should we focus our response? 

How do we deal with the challenges? 

Stopping the Traffick CoverThis cutting-edge book brings together practical advice and strategic insight from more than 40 global experts and experienced practitioners who thoughtfully explore how best to answer these questions and more. 

Stopping the Traffick is for everyone who wants to go beyond merely knowing that something must be done to a deeper understanding of how we can more effectively bring an end to exploitation.

Stopping the Traffick: A Christian Response to Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking, Glenn Miles and Christa Foster Crawford, eds. (Regnum Books, 2014)

Paperback version available in the UK from Regnum and in the US from Wipf and Stock. eBook version available from Amazon, Kindle and eBook Store.


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