A Study of Sexually Exploited Young Males in Chiang Mai, Thailand – September 26, 2013, Chiang Mai University

Flyer Program

Over the past three months, the Urban Light + Love146 Research Team have completed a baseline study evaluating male exploitation in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This research is the first of its kind in Thailand and has reached a traditionally neglected demographic throughout the world.

Urban Light + Love146’s collaboration is an effort to better understand the needs of young men working in the sex industry of the city. The data will be made public in a presentation titled “Initial Findings: A Study of Sexually Exploited Males in Chiang Mai”  which will be hosted by the Social Science Department of Chiang Mai University. Awareness, discussion & collaboration between NGOs, government officials, and community leaders will be the main goals of the afternoon. The findings will be presented by Jarrett Davis, Researcher, Love146, and panelists will include Glenn Miles, Asia Community Building Facilitator, Love146, Christa Foster Crawford, Esq.,Trafficking Resource Connection and Dao Phimphisa Chailoet, Thailand Director, Urban Light.

The presentation will be held at the Social Science Department at Chiang Mai University on September 26th from 1PM to 3PM. Faculty of Social Science Operational Building Room #04-003 (4th Floor).


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